All services during COVID-19 are on a sliding scale, and 50% go to feed others.


Hypnotist Hypnotist Hypnotist

Professional hypnosis by Rusty Diamond, C.H.


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Our Practice

I am a huge lover of hypnosis. I believe in its power to make one feel better. I wish to be able to extend this to you.  

I am 95% online. This means you can stay in the most comfortable place you can think of. Get in your favorite chair, your bed, or a quiet spot under a tree. It's all up to you! I can do appointments through Zoom (Webcam or Smartphone) or by phone as well. Both cost the same. It is all about which makes you feel most comfortable.

Our Focus

Our focus is to show you that hypnosis is great. I offer hypnosis and life coaching all over the world! 

Our Patient Promise

Hypnosis Is Great is simple. It also is a way of life. When you leave our meeting, you will tell yourself this. I tell myself it everyday.